• Reading Time: 2 minutes Scrolling through endless reams of on-screen text will turn even the strongest mind to mush. This is what is commonly referred to as ‘cognitive overload’, which results in loss of engagement, lower levels of comprehension, and decreased motivation. However, all of this can be avoided by making use of ‘content chunking’….

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    How to use ‘content chunking’ to prevent cognitive overload in online learning
  • Reading time – 3 minutes 30 seconds Resistance to change is a well-known phenomenon. Often, making the change from traditional learning to e-learning can be met with such resistance – from both instructors and students. However, by following a few simple but powerful strategies, it is possible to make this transition more effectively, and to…

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    Using change management to successfully transition to elearning
  • Estimated Reading Time – 3 minutes 30 seconds The millennial* generation is shaping the world around us – breaking the moulds that have traditionally determined how one works, socialises and learns. But what exactly is a millennial? How do they compare to previous generations? And how should you be designing your e-learning course to suit…

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    Five ways to design elearning materials for millennials
  • Just-in-time learning behaviour has transformed how corporate entities are training their staff. This has created a need to modify training material, specifically for the purpose of just-in-time training. This approach can cut unnecessary costs, save valuable working hours, and improve the effectiveness of the training overall. Here are five tips for creating just-in-time training material:…

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    Infographic: Essential Tips to Create Just-in-Time Online Training Material

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