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    Does an ICB learner need to study through a training provider?

    Yes. The benefits of studying through a registered training provider are numerous. It is always recommended to find out whether a training provider has been accredited. Visit www.umalusi.org.za to find out whether or not the particular provider has been properly accredited.

    The purpose of a training provider is to assist you with all the 'red tape' and quality assurance that forms part of certification and accreditation. The training provider give you the support you need – providing learning media, facilitators, and e-mail or telephonic support.

    The training provider also ensures that your details are loaded on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD), where prospective employers can download information about the unit standard credits you have earned.

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    Can ICB and IBS books be used for other programmes?

    Yes. The ICB and IBS books have been created to cover the applicable outcomes of the ICB and IBS qualifications, but they can be used for any other courses.

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    How important are the Mock Assessment Questions (MAQs) for my studies?

    The MAQs are very important for your assessment preparation. Remember, however, that they are sample questions only; there may be additional questions asked by the assessing institution.

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    Do all training providers need to buy Study & Solutions Kits and Workbooks?

    Yes. All of the solutions to the various exercises, activities and integration tasks, as well as MAQs and self-assessments, formative assessments and detailed study plans are included in the Study and Solutions Kits and are thus necessary for study.

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    What is a Study & Solutions Kit?

    A Study & Solutions Kit contains Mock Assessment Questions (MAQs) and their solutions, as well as the solutions to the questions in your textbook.

    The kit comprises an online subscription + USB drive and/or printed guide. These products have been integrated into your ICB curriculum. Your access to the rich content included in your online subscription and/or guide – Concept Videos and MAQs (Videos) – will depend on whether you have a Standard subscription or Pro subscription.

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    What is a Workbook?

    A workbook is a blank book that relates directly to your textbook. It contains blank templates in which you can fill in your answers to the exercises in the textbook.

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    Can I purchase extra Mock Assessment Questions (MAQs) or trial assessment papers?

    No. We do not sell any extra assessments or past exam papers. However, if you have subscribed to the Pro version of the Study & Solutions Kit, you will receive a trial paper for your subject.

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    How can we order books from EDGE?

    The only way to order from us is to create an online account. Simply click this link to create an account.

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    Is there any other method of ordering books?

    No. The only way to order your books is to use our online shop, so you will need to have a reliable Internet connection to place your order.