• Ukufakwa
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    Ukufakwa can be described as a special obligation that is based on the performance of a party that does not arise from a contract or a quasi-contract. The contributor makes contributions towards a woman’s puberty ceremonies or marriage, which entitles them to be paid back through the lobolo that is paid for that woman. However, if no lobolo is received, then the contributor will receive nothing.

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  • Isondlo
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    Isondlo is the term used to describe the maintenance that is paid to a person taking care of a child who is not a member of his group or, in some cases, the maintenance of an adult (such as where they have a mental disability). The payment normally amounts to one animal.

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  • Ukwenzelela
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    Ukwenzelela can be described as custom, whereby debt arises between houses in the same family household. This term can also be used to describe the provision of marriage goods by the father to the first wife of his sons.

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  • Ukuthwala
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    Ukuthwala can be described as a form of abduction, whereby a girl or young woman is abducted by a man and his friends in an effort to coerce the girl or woman’s family to consent and enter into marriage negotiations. Such action, resulted in the man incurring delictual liability and being liable for the payment one or more herd of cattle to the father of the girl. In recent times, this custom has been accompanied by acts of rape, marriage of minors and kidnapping.

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